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All right, welcome to my first attempt at a Crow fan site. Thanks for coming by, and I really hope you like what you see.

This site is here for me to showcase my favorite aspect of the Crow world - the art and writings of James O'Barr. What else can be said but this: without him, none of it would exist. No Crow 'comic' book, a modern masterpiece, in all its gothic, tragic glory. No darkly touching movie, that would have made Brandon Lee a star had he survived. No tv series, novels, toys, or any of the rest of the merchandise the Crow mythos has created.

So, in the three years I have been online, I’ve been collecting pictures of The Crow. Artwork by James O’Barr has always been my favorite subject, followed closely by pictures of Brandon Lee both in and out of Crow makeup. Anything else is…well, it’s not the same. Almost all these pictures were taken from the internet, most of the sketches from E-bay sales. I am not claiming to own any of them, and I’m not trying to make any money or anything off of this. There will be nothing sold here. No E-bay links, no Amazon links, just the artwork I love so much. :-)

Right now I have only posted the James O'Barr Crow images I have gotten. I will be posting other artwork and possibly photos of Brandon later on.

If you do decide to click the linked thumbnails, be warned - some of the bigger pictures are seriously big.


All images are copyrighted to their respectable owners, James O’Barr, Caliber comics, Tundra comics, Top Dollar comics, Mirimax films, etc.
The owner of this website makes no claims to ownership of these images, and if asked to remove an image will do so immediately. This is a fan site and I am not making any money off this site, it is for my personal enjoyment. Thanks for understanding.

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