Convention Sketches/Commissions

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Orlando Megacon, 2000

Mike Torrance
Kevin Sharpe

Dragon*Con, 2000

James O'Barr 0
James O'Barr 1
James O'Barr 2
James O'Barr 3
Mike Torrance
Andy Lee
Tim Vigil

Orlando Megacon, 2001

Zach Howard
Thomas Fleming
George Perez
S. Clarke Hawbaker
Billy Tucci
Tone Rodriguez
Oscar Saavedra
Steve Lieber
Art Baltazar
Tim Vigil

WizardWorld Chicago, 2001

Deacon Black
Hannibal King
Dave Wong
Jim Calafiore
Tim Bradstreet
Stuart Sayger
James O'Barr 4
James O'Barr 5
Tim Vigil
Jim Lee

San Diego Comic-Con International, 2002

Mark Texiera
James O'Barr 6
James O'Barr 7
James O'Barr 8
Jason Alexander
Joe Phillips
Alex Maleev
Eric J.
Ken Meyer Jr.
Butch Guice
Michael Kaluta
Ron Lim
Steve Oatney
Peter Gross
Brent Anderson
The ‘Dark One’
Simon Bisley


Eric Wolfe Hanson
Ian Whetstone
Jerry Loomis/SatyQ
Stephanie Lantry
Eric Lear
Bud Prince
Andrew Nettelton
Cara Russell
Richie Blackmon


Philip Xavier
Angel Medina

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